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Cloud Cleanser - Pumpkin Soufflé - Whipped Soap


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Scented in warm pumpkin soufflé  - a delicits scented gentle whipped soap. So soft & fluffy - but concentrated with milky cleansing power. A dab will do ya! Just apply a quarter sized amount to face, body, or loofah and work into a cleansing lather that cleans away dirt & oil without drying out and stripping skin of essential oils. 

Ph balanced so won’t disrupt skins sensitive barrier. Fall in love with whipped soap handcrafted at Remedy Bath Co - Your Local Self Care Shop! 

Pumpkin Soufflé is a warm and sweet scented soap for men & woman who want a better soap! Whipped with sweet almond oil - our Cloud Cleansing soap is a wonderful way to cleanse daily

Made with sweet almond oil that helps fight free radicals and hydrated skin  

Net Weight 2 oz 


Ingredients: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, Sweet almond Oil, Vegtable Glycerin, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Aqua, Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Fragrence, Mica, Phenoxyethanol.